You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

Godfather ipsum dolor sit amet. Why did you go to the police? Why didn\\\’t you come to me first? My father taught me many things here – he taught me in this room. He taught me: keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. What\\\’s the matter with you? Is this what you\\\’ve become, a Hollywood finocchio who cries like a woman? \\\”Oh, what do I do? What do I do?\\\” What is that nonsense? Ridiculous! The hotel, the casino. The Corleone Family wants to buy you out. Vito, how do you like my little angel? Isn\\\’t she beautiful?

Sonny, please don\\\’t do anything. Please don\\\’t do anything. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. I\\\’m gonna make him an offer he can\\\’t refuse. Hey, listen, I want somebody good – and I mean very good – to plant that gun. I don\\\’t want my brother coming out of that toilet with just his dick in his hands, alright? I don\\\’t feel I have to wipe everybody out, Tom. Just my enemies.

You can act like a man! If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone. You talk about vengeance. Is vengeance going to bring your son back to you? Or my boy to me? My father\\\’s name was Antonio Andolini… and this is for you. It\\\’s a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.

Your enemies always get strong on what you leave behind. Is that why you slapped my brother around in public? It\\\’s not personal. It\\\’s business. What\\\’s wrong with being a lawyer? I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!

I am sorry. What happened to your father was business. I have much respect for your father. But your father, his thinking is old-fashioned. You must understand why I had to do that. Now let\\\’s work through where we go from here. My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator. Why do you hurt me, Michael? I\\\’ve always been loyal to you. When they come… they come at what you love. Michael, you never told me you knew Johnny Fontane!

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